BarCamp is Back! Want to Speak at BarCamp? / 想在BARCAMP演讲吗?

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The format is simple: Talks are 10 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A or audience interaction/discussion. You may use slides, audio, video, or just your voice. The goal is to foster discussion and engagement between presenter and other participants, to share and challenge different perspectives and ideas. Anyone with the ability to inspire is welcome, and past participants range from techies, scientists, doctors and chefs to artists, designers, musicians and social entrepreneurs. If you want to experience a real spirit of sharing and learning, BarCamp is for you!

Other **IMPORTANT** information for speakers: All speakers must bring their own laptops or computer equipment needed for their presentations (Mac or iPad users need to bring their own projector adapters!). We will provide whiteboards, projectors (VGA), sound system and power strips. Please arrive at early for Registration. Speakers choose their own time slot when they arrive. We do not pre-assign speaker times — BarCamp tradition is “first-come, first-served” so come early to claim your speaking spot! Talks begin at 2:00pm and the session will end at 5:00pm.

演讲的形式很简单:每个讲师将有10分钟的时间进行讲演,之后将有另外10分钟的时间进行Q&A或与观众互动/讨论。您可以选择使用幻灯片、音频、视频或直接口头表述。我们的目标是促进演讲者和参与者互动,从而分享和挑战不同的观点和想法。 我们欢迎所有希望启发别人的讲师加入我们。以往的参与者包括技术人员、科研工作者、医生、厨师、艺术家、设计师、音乐家及社会企业家。如果您想体验真正互相交流和学习精神,那BarCamp就太适合您了!

演讲者需要知道的其他**重要**信息: 所有演讲者都需自行携带笔记本电脑或其他演示文稿所需的电脑设备(Mac或iPad的用户,您将需自行携带投影机适配器!) 请您在活动当天提早感到现场进行登记。到达后可自行选择演讲时间段。我们不会事先预定演讲顺序-BarCamp的传统就是”先到先得”,所以早点来争取自己想要的演讲时间吧!演讲会从下午2:00pm正式开始,5:00pm结束。

Are you ready? Sign up to be a speaker below! 准备好了吗?快来报名成为我们的演讲者吧!

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